Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking the vintage machine for a spin - Will it blend? - Yes - hummus done!

Time to take the vintage machine (Magimix 5100) for a spin. Almost as exiting as turning the key in an old car, I guess. Motor makes a wonderful humming sound, turning half a kilo of chickpeas into hummus in no time.
Broken lid => security workaround  (don't try this at home)
Note to self: Add more garlic next time. Blame the n00bish chef; not the Magimix.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Magimix in the house

Found a great holiday present to myself: An old school, charming Magimix 5100. Lid is broke. Work Bowl has seen better days. Accessories in good condition, including juice extractor. Got everything for around Euro 25 (~USD 30).

Old school beautiful IMHO.

Now time to look for good prize on spare parts (a least for the lid) and a possible fix for the work bowl and see for how it will stand the test of time. Even if I have to buy both it still looks like a good deal (I hope....). Wonder for how long Magimix will provide spare parts for the 5100.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KitchenAid - a "Leatherman" for the kitchen?

US based KitchenAid has announced a new foodprocessor. Looks as a non-flimsy tool, high WAF score; a kind of "Leatherman for the kitchen".
"Following up on last year’s introduction of the first food processors featuring a convenient, external lever for switching from thick to thin slicing, KitchenAid is expanding the collection to include models with an even more rugged die cast metal design".
Gadget oriented kitchen hackers may face a dilemma between the (otherwise obvious choice?) of the "authentic" Magimix with has both muscles and no-nonsense, old school charm, and this new american cousin, which actually also has a metal body (I was surprised to discover Magimix is plastic).
Photo: KitchenAid Press Room

The product should be avaiable in the US in July 2012. Nothing about release for the viking segment in Magimix Europe or the rest of the world. No specs published, but probably similar to its predecessor.

Press release from KitchenAid (pdf)

Chocolate, almonds, coffee

Friday, July 6, 2012

It worked ;-)

Two years ago I spend a week during summer holiday on a small island in Danmark. Hand mixer broke, daughter really wanting desert. Improvised solution. Powerful. 
Wonder what a blender of this kind will look like.  Any?