Monday, January 20, 2014

Mean Kitchen Machine

In my search for the ultimate Mixer Nirvana I'v been all over the World Wide Web, from US to Sweden and back again. Visiting various forums and review sites and more IP numbers than I'd like to admit. Turns out the answer might be found in my back yard. Meet the Bear Teddy /Varimixer from Danish Wodschow & Co.
The Bear Teddy
No nonsense raw horse power, with a industrial look 'n feel, promised to be "extremely powerful at low speeds when strength is needed to mix the heavy dough". Not sure about the WAF factor, but I find it beautiful. Reviews on e.g. Amazon are very positive, stressing the "extreme" strength of the machine, and the high level of satisfaction, also after years of use. Good vibes can be tracked to as far away as Australia. You can trust it with up to 2,5 L of Bread dough.It will even do up to 4.4 L of mayonnaise. :-)

This is the Terminator of mixers. The youngest from an old family with a lot of bigger brothers and sisters.
This short bread tutorial show a fraction of its abilities, makes you want to touch it in real life and be your silent servant.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ballerup Master Mixer - vintage technology

Thinking back on my childhood I remember the old Ballerup Master Mixer which was already retro at that time, when fancy food processors in transparent plastic appeared. Turns out it is getting popular among hipsters, also making up for a trending price curve for used models from as long back as the 50s.
Ballerup Master Mixer
The Ballerup Master mix (no longer in production) is similar to the Swedish Assistent (still very much alive).
Electrrolux Assistent (vintage)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mixer researching

So I started my journey into the land of home baking. Doing well. Sourdough, hot stone plate, great response from core audience at home. I'm there. So far I managed with a simple hand mixer and some serious manual work. Now it is time to take it to a new level- and to look for a suitable mixer for the hard work.
DIY mixer

Researching the topic is an interesting journey, bringing me across all sorts of different offerings.

Sure Kitchen Aids stand mixers are very popular, kind of a design icon, and might be the one with the best WAF/quality factor. I'm sure it will make a difference, especially their Pro Line (- and I comes in black, too!), and in many way it is the easy choice. But maybe too easy. I'm not sure if it has enough charm of raw machinery - and will it stand the test of time?

Swedish Assistent has a great prehistoric look 'n feel, and come with a huge bowl. It uses a rare rotating bowl system, and receives great reviews, and might also make up for a rational choice, but still I'm not sure if the rotating bowl is too weird, or if it actually will knead my precious dough.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sourdough hotels

Sourdough geek factor popularity chartOld news: Very geeky and obvious. Sourdough has a growing and geeky appeal - and now it looks as if hotels for sourdough are in business.

In Stockholm in Sweden Urban Deli run what has been called the worlds first Sourdough Hotel. Here you can handle in your sourdough and the hotel will take care of it and feed it while you are on holiday. Read all about on their a blog, and watch the interview with the founder, done by "Love Food, Share".

A different choice is Hotel Provence, running a traditional hotel for humans in parallel to a sourdough hotel. Below the Swedish chef is talking about the hotel.